Frequently asked questions

Do I get 1-on-1 coaching or face-time with Laura or any members of Electronic Creatives (EC)?

No. If you're interested in working with Laura directly, she has limited 1-on-1 coaching sessions available at an additional cost. Please visit this link on her website to schedule a session! If you'd like to work with EC, please visit this link to share your need(s). 

What results can I expect?

There's no simple answer here. We've had everything from Ableton Live starters creating their first live performance sets, to Ableton Live ninjas creating professional-grade livestreams and redundant playback.

Every artist begins their journey with personal goals and intentions, and each will develop their own results in that respect.

The best results come from a place of "inspired intention" – having creative ideas, goals, and tenacity to put in the work and research to achieve them.

Am I a good fit for these courses?

If you are an artist, producer, musician, DJ, audio/playback engineer, and/or a gear nerd – welcome home. You will need to be curious to incorporate technology and newfound creative techniques, and be ready to take some risks to reach new heights.

Whether you're a solo artist seeking creative independence, or you're looking for new knowledge and skills to elevate an ensemble–every artist that takes courses on the EC HUB has their own unique set of goals, intentions, motivations, aspirations, creative blocks, and limiting beliefs. The only things we require from you to learn from us, is your willingness and determination to invest in yourself.

What do I need to prepare before watching these courses?

Our courses are primarily in Ableton Live version 9 through 11, and we recommend having a version of Standard or Suite. Other than Ableton Live, each course page has a list of the recommended software and hardware. We invite you to check on the page of the course you're interested in.

If you need to purchase Ableton Live, we have an affiliate link to purchase here. Thanks so much!  

Have a .edu email address? Go here.

Why do I see "Transmute" or "MASTERTRACK WORLDWIDE" branding on course videos/resources?

Some of these videos are from our previous Transmute Accelerator (an 8-week intensive) and MASTERTRACK WORLDWIDE programs. We have distilled the knowledge into smaller courses and/or bundles to get you the performance intel you need, when you want it, at your own pace. 

I have another question!

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