Hardware & Sessions

A deep dive into the sessions and hardware used for playback on some of the biggest shows in the world.

In this course, you'll go deep into the sessions and hardware of the playback world. We'll explore numerous sessions that have been used on varying types of productions from redundant playback, to live auto-tune, and deeply complex multimedia shows with Ableton Live.

You'll learn the hows and whys of building a session for any circumstance and explore different types of gear and configurations that Electronic Creatives deploys around the world to give stable, and reliable results show after show.

Touring tips, file management, live levels, and routing - it's all here. 
You ready? 
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Course features
  • 3 Modules
  • 21 Videos
  • 03:25:30
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Recommended Gear and Software
  • Ableton Live 9 or newer * Suite recommended 

What's Included

Patrick Jones - Course author

AJ Ramirez

AJ is a producer, musician, audio/playback engineer, and visual creative from California. With a background in both music and visual arts, AJ got his start gigging on guitar around Austin while working in art direction. He wound up in Valencia, Spain where he studied at Berklee College of Music, thereafter coming to LA, where he has since worked with artists like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, 30 Seconds to Mars, Modest Mouse, Reggie Watts, Logic, AlunaGeorge, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Anderson Paak, Cory Henry, Morgxn, Ava Max, Elephant Heart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more.

He joined EC in 2017 and has helped grow it into the team it is today. From actively gigging and touring, to heading production design on all EC's rigs and internal technical and business structure, he is a proud core member of the growing EC community.

He additionally works with XR Studios in the virtual production space, and with Output Arcade as a sound designer. From 2018-2021 he co-managed Multihouse Studios, a hybrid art and music space in DTLA, but now works out of a private studio. He continues to write music and produce artists, and has also worked on projects involving 3D audio in theatre such as Cages DTLA.

Laura Escudé

Laura Escudé is a producer and sound artist creating magic through music, tech, and consciousness. She is an innovator, entrepreneur, and live show designer with a deep understanding of complex technology and a profound passion for music and art. Fusing tech with art is her superpower.

Synthesizing her skills as a classically trained violinist and technical prowess as an avant-garde electronic producer, Escudé infuses Neo-classical and sleek futuristic style with raw emotion elicited with her musical machines. She has performed her live electronic show at numerous festivals and events, including Osheaga, Ondalinda, and NAMM. Using technology to advance their fields, Escudé and two other female pioneers are key artists featured on Hello Sunshine + HPE’s documentary “In Her Element”.

Since becoming the first Ableton Certified Trainer back in 2008, Laura’s career highlights include designing shows for Kanye West and Jay Z, opening for Miguel on his 2015 Wildheart tour, building a thriving international business populated by top-tier professionals, and developing premier educational programs accessed around the globe.

After a tour burnout landed Laura in the hospital back in 2016, she was forced to take a break from work and focus on her health. This physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual process involved letting go of unproductive habits and thought patterns, facing her fears, and giving up aspects of her life that no longer served her. The experience inspired Laura to help artists accelerate their live performances using technology, while securing a safe place that encourages their own health and well-being.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author

Greg Somerville

Greg is a production tech for EC and a soundwriting DJ and producer from Manhattan, NY.

Greg wears many hats: he builds and maintains rigs, builds live sessions for artists, researches and implements new tech, and offers insight as a production consultant. He has worked with AlunaGeorge, Reggie Watts, John Tejada, G-Flip, Kevin Olusola, and Rae Sremmurd, and has worked gigs partnered with MixMag LA, Dirtybird Records, Apogee, and Antares.

A music production fanatic, he is often found scouring the internet for advances in the analog/digital realms. He DJs and produces under the alias GES, and has performed in Amsterdam, NYC, NJ, Norway, Spain, and LA. He also produces music for sync, recently having his music featured on HBO's "Problem Areas".
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